Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am a Pink Warrior ...

Just incase you had any DOUBTS, I will now set your MIND at ease.  I am a PINK WARRIOR, 100%!  I bleed pink, and the tears I cry are shades of PINK.  I will not be DETERRED by people that do not understand, or have the lack of compassion to comprehend.  I will not fight with you, as I do not FIGHT for you.  If you have ever personally been touched or know someone that has been TOUCHED by cancer, be it breast or any other kind, you can understand why I go to the lengths that I do.  I BELIEVE in what I am doing with my whole HEART.  This is not a passing fancy or to gain personal attention or benefit.  This is about FIGHTING for people that I know, have known and people that I have never met.  I previously fought in the Marines to PROTECT people's FREEDOM.  So, why is it so hard to understand that I now fight to help SAVE a LIFE?  I will NOT give up, or GIVE in.  This is a BATTLE that I want to FINISH.  Before it so DEVASTATINGLY takes another MOTHER, FATHER, FRIEND or PERSON that is someone else's EVERYTHING.  If you don't UNDERSTAND I will HELP you to.  If you want to WALK with me, I will slow down so that we can walk TOGETHER.  If you have the DESIRE to make a DIFFERENCE, I hope that I can somehow INSPIRE you.   

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  1. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! I am right next to you flexing my guns sista!