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3 Day Packing Mystery ...

99% of this you will NOT need!

... SOLVED!!!  I was given permission by The Ta-Ta Sisterhood to use this entry that was posted in their blog.  I did change it a touch as some of us will be camping outdoors.  My comments will be in PINK.  "Thank you Ladies"!  I am a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due & asking the author to borrow their work.  Especially, when I couldn't have written it any better myself!  I hope that this is helpful to you and will  answers some of your questions about what you should be packing for a 3 Day experience!  As 3-dayers we always are willing to help out others that want to pick up and join us in our endeavor to create a cancer free tomorrow! So, without further a-du...  

It is our hope that this post will answer some of your questions and serve as a guide for those of us who are making rounds on the 3 Day circuit this season. This post is written and targeted to those who are "camping" indoors. The Phila. 3 Day takes place in October (normal high temps. in the low to mid 60's , lows in the 40's.) REMEMBER YOUR BAG MUST NOT BE HEAVIER THAN 35 lbs. Multiple bags are not permitted.  Here in Cleveland seeing that it is July, we will most likely see the weather in the 80's with the low temps being in the 70's.  

THE BAG: You will first and foremost need a ROLLING duffel. Not TOO big and not too small. Ideal bags can be found at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. Be sure to get the one with several compartments (sides and a separate bottom portion.)  I found my bag at Eddie Bauer it is their Large Rolling Duffel, has lots of usable space and has a lifetime warranty.  It wasn't cheap, but I have found in past experiences that you get what you pay for.  I also plan on doing this for many years to come, so I could justify the cost. 

THE BAGGIES: Get yourself a box of 2.5 quart Ziplock baggies to PACK your clothes in. Believe it or not ONE day of clothes including a pair sneakers fits like a glove in these bags. Besides, that this method saves space and lot's of headache trying to find your belongings.  Totally agree with this!  Especially when you are participating in the warmer walks!  

BAG IDENTIFICATION: That is easy you to identify in a sea of other bags. Word to the wise.DON'T USE PINK! Be sure to have you name, participant #, tent assignment and team name visible. Brightly colored Duck Tape in a fabulous way to ID your belongings.  LOL, you never know how hard it's going to be to find your own bag, till you see the SEA of bags that are sitting on the tarp waiting for their owner to claim them!

A SLEEPING BAG: Piggy back on top of your duffel. NO BUNGIE CORDES ARE PERMITTED.  ( We don't want our hard working Crew to get hurt with these snapping or getting caught up on. )  BE SURE to have it in some sort of a covering either a garbage bag, nylon bag or even a jumbo baggie. If your talented enough fit it inside your bag.    
I was given a survival sleeping bag last year by my friend Scott, while I was in Washington DC walking.  This little dynamo is perfect for the 3-day!  Last year I had a HUGE cute pink sleeping bag, but it took up WAY too much room.  Newbie mistake...

MAT: Some use inflatable mattresses others use your basic blow up mat (that resembles one your would float on in a pool), or even a yoga mat. Pros: to inflatable mattresses they are more comfy cons: they take up WAY TOO MUCH ROOM they also add a lot of weight to your bag.) in your tent and in your bag (don't forget you need a pump if you are going this route.)

PILLOW: I don't know how on earth folks manage to fit a full pillow in your duffel. I however got a cheap camping pillow from Dicks Sporting Goods that was very compact. I used my baggies of clothes to give me some extra fluff.  LOL, I used my  packed clothes as my pillow.  I stuffed them in my back pack & wha-la!

*Your mat and pillow should fit in the larger compartment of your duffle.*

TOLIETREE BAGGIE: Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, brush/comb, toothbrush, facial cleanser/moisturizer. *Put this bag in the side compartment of your duffle*  I found a wonderful company that has solid shampoo bars & conditioner which don't leave your hair feeling like straw! They also have toothpaste tablets.  The company is called "LUSH"...

2 PAIRS OF SNEAKERS: Rotate every other day between sneakers.
Seriously, this is a MUST!  You will not believe the difference this will makes in your walk.  

10 PAIRS OF SOCKS: 2 per day.
I will tell you that I used 4 pairs of socks per day and did not get one blister.  I also use Body Glide every time I stop and change my socks.   



NIGHT 1- Camp shoes, undergarments, PJ's (lightweight), it got a little stuffy in the Convention Center.  If your going the flip flop way, please don't get cheap ones!  After walking your feet deserve some love!  My Pj's usually are running shorts & a comfy light weight T- Shirt. ( Blame the Marines for this...)

TIP: When you get dressed in your tent sitting down (this 3 Day thing is NOT glamorous) put your dirties in this bag and shove it under your pillow for cushioning!  

DAY 2- A layering long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, undergarments, pants or capri's, a heaver layer (vest),light jacket, sneakers/socks x's 2.  Ok, for Cleveland... I would just suggest a light weight jacket & pants if you get chilly.  This would be placed over shorts & a shirt so you can take them off when needed without having to go back & change.

NIGHT 2- Repeat NiGHT 1 minus the camp shoes AND if you prefer a fresh pair of PJ's pack them!  Not sure why my sisters would minus the camp shoes?  I look at it this way... If your not out on the walk, I would be in my open aired camp shoes!  Let those piggy's BREATHE!  

DAY 3- Same as above.

ALL BAGGIED CLOTHES could be packed in the seperate compartment under your duffle.

Don't forget: Battery operated light for the inside of your tent, tent decorations, camp shoes (AKA- flip flops/slippers) & shower shoes, ear plugs, eye mask, sleeping aid (s), extra water bottle, hat (s)/bandanna, a bathroom face towel, pain melds and last but not least a positive spirit!  My two little additions here would be don't forget your SMILE & anything you honestly can't do without, but leave out all the extra's.  You won't need them !  You would be Amazed at what a difference it will make!

What NOT TO PACK: Towels to dry off with after you shower. Pay the $12 when you check in for the fresh towel service that is offered. Blow dryers, makeup etc. Your not going to a beauty show, no one cares what you look like.  If you are going to bring make-up make it minimal like Waterproof Mascara & a Tinted Lip Balm.  No one expects you to look like Miss America while you are walking the 60 Miles!  

Take exibit A for instance:

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