Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebration & Prayers ...

Today we spent the day at a friend's wedding.  Talk about an amazing event!  From the Church to the Reception it was a class act the whole way it was simple and elegant. So tonight we raise a glass to Jessica & Keith!  We wish them both a lifetime of happiness together.  In Three-Day news the participants that are in Boston right now are suffering greatly in this heat.  I have been keeping them in thoughts & prayers.  They have had many heat casualties that I know about and who knows what else.  For the safety of everyone there they have had to shorten the days.  I know that this has left some of the walkers feeling less than happy, but their safety is more important.  Six days from now we will kick off our 3-Day adventure here in Cleveland.  Who knows what is in store for us?  Whatever happens I know that I will be happy just to see some of my friends again.  Prayers Up for Boston!  XoXo

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