Monday, July 25, 2011

Really...Only 4?

Can't believe that it is only four days away... After all of the fundraising & events that I have gone to & participate in.  People that have generously given so that I can walk for them or someone that they love.  The training, countless hours spent walking from here to there, and there to somewhere else.  All of it will bring me to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Event that will be taking place in Cleveland.  There is no adequate way to describe the feeling that takes over your body as you get closer to the event.  For some it is a feeling of Anxiety, not knowing if they can walk the 60 miles that lay before them, for others it is Determination that they will complete the sixty miles, every step of it.  Yet for others it is just being able to Proudly say that they made it & are surviving.   While others come to pay Tribute to their Pink Warrior that is no longer with them.  Whatever the feelings are in the days that lead up to the event as soon as you get to the event all you will feel is an over whelming feeling of Love & Acceptance.  For each person the journey will be different, but one thing will remain the same for each and every one of us.  We all HATE CANCER!  We are putting our collective foot down & saying that we will no longer accept it.   Every chance we get we will make our presence known & we will walk, walk until there is no longer a need for us to do so.  When that day comes, we will get out our PINK Tu-Tu's, Boa's as well as Bra's and party like the world has never scene before.  Till then we will walk as a united force.

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