Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nine & Feeling Fine...

I am feeling better than FINE!!!  I decided to give my scale a try... Much to my Amazement I have lost 15 lbs. already..!  I was sad to part with my Mt. Dew & even sadder when I told DQ that the love affair was ending, but now I am wondering why we didn't part sooner!  Feeling much better about all the sacrifices that I have been making.  Started with cleaner food choices, then I became very familiar with the local farmer markets and water has become my best friend.  My new found training buddy Jugg Hugger ( ) has been accompanying me where ever I go and reminding me to keep hydrated as I keep walking.  I try not to want instant results, but sometimes it's hard to stay positive when you don't see the results you think that you should.  So glad that I quit obsessing about what the scale says.  I haven't been on it in weeks & it was a welcome surprise to see the numbers!  Looking towards the walk in 9 days, then I will work towards my next goal!

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