Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I hope however you spent your day today that you had a wonderful, safe holiday!  We took care of some things around the house in the morning before heading off to Mickey & Buddy's house.  We went to see the parade and then went back to the house for a cook out.  It is a yearly tradition that we try to keep up with.  The kids had a wonderful time with all the other kids that were there, while the adults took a breather and got to visit and catch up.  My Vibrams became a topic of conversation, people just can't believe how comfortable they are and that I will walk 60 miles in them in 25 days from now.  I think the number one question besides "WHY" are you walking, is "HOW" can you do that... I try to be funny about it and just say by putting one foot in front of the other, many times over...  I can't honestly explain it.  Yes, it is tiring and takes a long time to do, but you meet so many great people that you look forward to it.  At times the road is long, but you find things along the way to keep you going and interested.  I like taking pictures of things that catch my attention as I walk.  You also have people that you will pass along the way that will encourage you to keep going.  Cars that honk at you while your walking with waving arms sticking out the windows.  It really is an amazing feeling to see people come,  support what you are doing and Thank you for walking as well as all that you did to get to that point.  Tonight we will go to our next door neighbors house Bob & Cindy's to watch them set off their fireworks instead of fighting traffic to go down to Geneva on the Lake.  All in all we have had a great day spending time as a family with our family and friends.  Wonderful Food, Memorable Moments and Sharing time with people that are special in our lives.  I hope that as you watch the fireworks tonight that you think of those who have fought for our freedoms and continue to do so.  I just want to say Thank you to All Service Members Past, Present and those who are in our Special Forces or Black Ops that get little to no praise for putting their life on the line every day.  Living under the radar, sacrificing their life for the Country that they love with all their hearts.  Lastly, to those who have gone before us paying the Ultimate Price to secure our Freedoms, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and will never be forgotten.  

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