Sunday, July 17, 2011

It only takes ONE...

It only takes one to be affected.
It only takes one to make a stand.
It only takes one to raise awareness, & it only takes one to lace up their sneakers to make a statement.  When all of these "ones" get together we make a sea of PINK.  
A family that together fights cancer.
We support each member as they go into battle.  We celebrate our victories and are mourn our losses, but we do it together as a family. We once were one's who knew only that pink was meant for girls.  That only women were touched by breast cancer and thought it would never happen to someone that we love.  We now know better...  12 days from now I will be reunited with my family.  We will walk together, talk, share, while welcoming new friends. We will remember with smiles, sometimes tears those that are no longer with us.  Don't wait to be affected, to be effected by what we do.  Remember it only took "One"...

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