Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color me Happy ...

Tristin Showing off his Tie-Dye Shirt & Moves...
Twenty-three days! Not that I am counting or anything. Got up early this morning so that I could go and mow a client's yard. Sadly, it will be the last time as she is moving to California. We had a wonderful conversation and I Thanked her for all of her support as well as for helping me spread the word about my concept of "Mowing down Cancer One Yard at a Time". I used my Jugg Hugger to hang my water container off of the mower. What a sight I am in PINK!  After saying my farewells, I drove home to an egg white omelet and 12 grain toast lunch.  Then it was off to take a shower to get ready to go Tie-Dye!  We drove out to Pierpont.  My friend Andy and his family every year take a week off to camp and hang out.  Today they were going to Tie-Dye shirts so we drove out to join in the fun!  I have never done it before so it was fun & a great learning experience.  I have a feeling that we will be doing it again.  The kids had as much fun as I did.  They were less than thrilled with me when it was time to go home.  Started to pull out things to pack for the 3-Day.      

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This would be my newly colored shirt all ready for the Grape Jamboree!

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