Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thank you for Caring!

As I walked down the road today I realized how where we currently live, there is little to no shoulder on the side of the road.  Now, you combine that little tid bit of information with people driving 45 to 50 mph on a 25 mph marked road.  It gets pretty frickin' scary.  Well, I got tired of doing all of my normal routes so I decided to walk from my house to Geneva on the Lake.  I just had passed over my second set of railroad tracks when I noticed a car that had driven past me turn around and come back up the road.  They pulled into the driveway that I was crossing and asked me if I needed assistance.  I said "No Thank you, I am on a training walk," and then went on to explain why I was walking and gave them a card to this blog.  The woman said that her Grandmother is a Leukemia survivor, and she thought it was great that I was out walking getting ready for the 3-Day.  Everyone in the vehicle said Thank you for doing all that I was doing and then they took off down the road.  As I kept walking, I thought how cool it was that they took the time to stop, turn around and check on me.  I can't even start to tell you how many cars whizzed by me.  I finally had to end my training walk when I hit a stretch in the road that became too treacherous to walk any further on.  It's funny, I have traveled down so many of these roads going here or going there, never realizing that we have little to no sidewalks!  Even worse, in some places there is no shoulder.  It rained pretty hard here last night so when I walked in the grass my feet got wet which led me to get two flat tires, so I had to call to get Chad to pick me up.  My feet are pretty sore and have a few blisters, but better now than in 26 days when I am walking in Cleveland.  So, fingers crossed & prayers up that I will heal quickly so I can get back to walking.  In closing, I just want to say Thank you to the family that cared enough to come back & check on a stranger walking on the side of the road.  You all ROCK!  

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