Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sending Love to Boston!

Over $4.8 Million was raised at the Boston 3-Day for the Cure!  You All are AMAZING!!!  With the severity of the weather conditions there were causalities, but they never complained.  Many people suffered from heat exhaustion and ended up in the emergency room.  I just wanted to take a moment and say that every Walker, Crew, Staff Member and Camp Angel should be PROUD of all they managed to accomplish! Dr. Sheri Phillips, apparently ROCKED the house in Boston!  I have seen nothing but positive praise coming out.  I have resisted to go find a video of her doing the opening or closing ceremonies, just because in one week I will be participating in Cleveland and I want it to be fresh & a surprise.  I am so excited that it is so close!  I can't wait to meet Dr. Sheri Phillips and see all of my friends.    Till then, just wanted to say one last time that the Boston participants should be so Proud of all that they achieved.  We were praying for them and keeping them in thoughts.  I hope that everyone makes it home safely and for those that ended up having problems, I hope that they are on the mend!  

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