Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woo~Hoo it's only Two!

Gearing up for 48 hours from now! Spent the day Hydrating, getting last minute details in order then went to give blood in Honor of a Cancer Warrior 
( Taylor ).  I unfortunately, do not have the blood type that she so desperately needs, but I figured that I was paying it forward in Taylor's name.  I didn't realize that they timed how long it takes you to fill a bag?   It took me a mere 4 Minutes and 40 Seconds!  I told them that I was hydrated. ( Big Smile )  I even persuaded my husband Chad to donate for the first time.  There was another woman that loved the idea of what we were doing & decided to donate as well.  I closed out the donation day as the fastest donor ( ROFL).  Marines, we are so competitive!  Anyway, as I enter the countdown to the last 48 hours.   I ask that if you can, drink LOTS of water.  Log into  They have a critical blood shortage especially for O Negative!  Please find a site that is hosting a blood drive and go donate!  Take your friends, ask people you know, take your family.   Then go out to dinner to celebrate giving someone you don't even know a gift.  You never know when might be the day that you may need to receive this simple, but precious gift.  Depending on if there is a line or not & how well hydrated you are when you go in, you could be in & out with in 30 minutes.  Just think... You could be the Miracle that someone is Praying for. 

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