Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making a Difference ... One Yard at a Time ...

~ After Picture ~

~ Before Picture ~

Three hours later, 6 miles counted, dripping wet and one very generous donation. That is how my day started off.  My  friend Sharon came along, to help me with weed whacking.  I didn't know if I would be able to mow it all especially along the side of the property were all the grass was over a foot tall.  It turned out to be a nice little work out.  My neighbor across the street had mentioned what I was doing to her friend, next thing I know she called and we set up a time for me to come out and look at the property.  I told her I would be back on Wednesday to mow.  As we were getting ready to leave today, the owner walked her property and was thrilled with the job we had done for her.  So, here is hoping that this will be the beginning of a nice referral system.  Later on when the sun was starting to go down I managed to count another 6.5 miles, soaking wet and  I got most of my yard mowed.  This fundraising idea is very rewarding, knowing that you are helping someone else out, getting in the training miles as well as getting out awareness and while earning a donation for the cause.  
 ~Before ~ Back of Property and Side

~ After ~ Side Yard, Looking towards the back

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