Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will Always and Forever be ...

Daddy's Little Girl...  I know it might sound corny or old fashioned, but in a world that moves way too fast I think we forget to Thank those who have taught us the most.  From the moment I took my first breath my Dad was there, supporting, guiding, teaching and always loving me.  I know that at times it couldn't have been easy, as I have always been a willful child,  passionate and headstrong.  I don't think that you can fully appreciate your parents until you become one yourself.  You get to experience first hand all of the excitement, fun, great sense of pride, and yes, even frustration at times.  You want to capture every moment and never let it go.  I know that just watching our boys grow up, you wonder where the time goes.  I think as a parent you always wonder if you are doing the best for your children and giving them enough enriching, memorable moments.  My Dad over the years has given the very best he had to my Mother, Sister and to me.  When I was growing up I didn't need to listen to countless lectures of how a man should treat a woman.  All I had to do was watch my Father every day.  Loving, kind, selfless and rarely ever raised his voice.  I can remember as I got older having conversations with my Dad and he would guide me giving me his best advice.  I didn't always take it, but I knew deep down he only ever wanted me to have the very best life had to offer.  I could go on and tell you of all the wonderful moments, that I have stored in my memories, but instead I will tell you just this.  My Father, there will never be another like him.  When they made him they broke the mold .  As a little girl you look up to your Father and he is the first man that ever truly holds your heart, the part that I gave to my Dad will never belong to another.  I hope that on this day it has lead you to remember all of the wonderful moments that you have shared with your Father over the years.  Unfortunately, for some of my dear friends this day is truly painful, as their Father has since passed.  I hope that in their time of sorrow, they can remember a brighter day, that they shared with their Father having fun.  To every Father, Pop, Daddy or other name that you had for your Dad.   Happy Father's Day!  You may never get told enough, but you are loved very much, I hope that you know and feel it every day, not just today.  Love You Daddy!  XoXo  Your Little Girl 

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