Sunday, June 5, 2011

Over the Hills & Across the Bridge ...

Got up at 6am and walked across my first covered bridge of the season.  The Smolen-Gulf Bridge is located about four miles away from my house.  It is the longest covered bridge in the USA.   Ohio is known for having many covered bridges,  ( we have 17 of them locally ).  There is a Covered Bridge Festival in the fall, I have yet to go to it.  It was a great walk today.  When I got up this morning it was like walking through the clouds.  At one point I could feel all the tiny water droplets on my face as I was walking.  It was a little creepy, as there were many spots I walked through were houses have been left, and now sit vacant, combine that with the mist/ fog and you have at least two parts to a creepy movie.  I had parts that had little to no shoulder to walk on and at one point had a good samaritan in a black blazer offer me a ride.  I politely declined the most generous offer and explained that I was on a training walk.  ( I think I lost him at that point ).  I finished up three hours later, safe at home and 8 miles completed.  I stopped a few times and took some pictures along the way, it was a really enjoyable walk.  More miles to come and new views to see.  In the afternoon, I went to the pistol range and shot a 22 rim fire ( ruger ).  It was the first time I have ever shot a pistol.  While in the Marines I got used to my riffle, so this was a different experience.  Never hurts to learn something new.  Spent three hours getting used to the pistol and firing off rounds.  Had a few nice groupings.  I'm sure with more time at the range, I could be quite proficient at shooting the pistol.  Home for a little down time then off to the gym to get in some more miles.  The 3-Day will be here before I know it!  Below are a few links if you would like to check out the covered bridge that I walked across today, and the festival that takes place here in the fall.

Smolen-Gulf Bridge - longest covered bridge in the USA is ...

Ashtabula County Ohio Covered Bridge Festival

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