Monday, June 27, 2011

Just a Glimpse ...

For those of you that have never participated in a Susan G. Komen 3- Day for the Cure you might not know all of the preparation and training that goes into getting ready for those, 3 days and walking 60 miles.  Here is just a sample of a week of training.  As you can see the  training schedule starts 24 weeks out.  With only four short weeks to go the miles really start to add up.  In the last few weeks the anticipation and excitement also start to build.  To see all of the friendly faces that have greeted you before, and getting ready to meet new friends.  Over the next few days I will give you a inside look at walking 3 Days and covering 60 Miles.

Virtual Personal Trainer Sponsored by New Balance
Countdown: 4 Weeks
Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure® would like to thank New Balance, the official training partner of the 3-Day for the Cure, for sponsoring the Virtual Personal Trainer.

Your 24-Week Training Schedule for This Week 
Monday Rest  
Tuesday 5 miles Easy walking
Wednesday        45 minutes Moderate cross-training
Thursday 6 miles Moderate walking
Friday 45 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 10 miles Easy walking
Sunday 8 miles Easy walking

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