Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Avoiding the Pitfalls ...

It is amazing how if you don't pay attention, how easy ( almost effortlessly ) you can slip back into old habits.  If you get lazy, (slip).  If you don't feel like putting effort into it reading labels, (slip).   If you just decide that your hungry now and it won't matter (slip). The kids didn't finish ( whatever ),  I hate to have it go to waste (slip).  I think you get were this is going...  
So, I have started to integrate my new eating into the new family eating.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to make meals for everyone else and not eat what they were eating.  Plus, I decided if it was good enough for me to eat, it's good enough for my family to eat.  Snacks are becoming more fresh fruit and veggies, instead of animal crackers with chocolate milk.  I almost had my jaw hit the floor today.  I was eating my salad with tuna fish, Roma tomatoes and celery.  Out of know where, the kids decided that they wanted a salad too.   I gave it to them, thinking I was going to watch them spit it out.  To my shock & delight, even the 3 year old had a clean bowl.  So,  I will continue to introduce them slowly & bit by bit to a new way of eating.  

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  1. My parents never bought "junk food" when we were kids, all we ate were healthy snacks... I didn't have a sugared cereal until I was almost in college. Kids only care if it tastes good! Keep it up :-)