Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking in New Shoes ...

I can't believe that in 46 days I will be participating in my 3rd, 3-Day for the Cure and it will be the second time walking in Cleveland.  This year I will be walking in different shoes, I traded in my New Balance for Vibram Five Finger shoes.  I have really fallen in love with these shoes.  So much, that I called 35 stores looking for the specific style that I wanted for my second pair.  I ended up finding them in North Carolina, after some doing and a few phone calls they arrived at my door safe and sound today. (Huge Smile on my Face ) I took them out for a training walk and I am proud to say that no blisters to be had and we walked together for 5 miles our first time out.  "Komodo Sport" is the style I chose for my second pair.  They have a thicker tread on the bottom of the shoe and I am getting used to the higher back of the shoe.  There are other differences, but I just love how weightless they are and how I can feel the ground under my feet, while still being protected.  I highly suggest these shoes to anyone & everyone.  I have "sold' about 30 pairs of these shoes to people as I walk in mine.  I am a walling, talking billboard for them as I just say enough good things about them.  I have gone into shoe stores looking for them and as I talk to the sales people in the store and tell them about all the features and benefits while answering their questions.   I literarily sell them on the shoes.  By the time I leave people want the web site so they can buy them.  ( Just waiting on Vibram to pick me up as a sales rep. or become a sponsor for me doing the 3-Day events ).   ( Big Smile on my Face, Slight Cough & a Nudge ).   I wear mine with no socks, but I know they makes socks for the shoes if you wanted them.  So, from here till the day of the walk I will be working on breaking in these shoes.  Wonder where my feet will take me tomorrow?

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