Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scurvy Pirates Land Ho!

Lakeshore Park, Ohio
Treasure Chest Cake Mom Made
Today it was all about the Pirates!  Ahoy, Ye Land Lubbers! Captain Tristin and his crew stormed Lakeshore Park as a bunch of scurvy pirates.  They hunted for buried treasure and founds lots of booty. 
Everyone enjoyed a game of safety island
( much like musical chairs, except we used hula hoops and you had to stand inside them, when the music got turned off.)  Then we had a relay race to see who could dress up the pirate first.  After that it was off to eat some good grub, afterwards we were off on an adventure to find the buried treasure.  When we got back from the treasure hunt we went to open up the presents and serve the cake, when a freak wind storm blew everything away!  Well, not everything...but it was bad... We really didn't get a chance to Thank our guests that came as everyone was  running to get out of there.  Well, we ended the party in true Pirate fashion with having to batten down the hatches.  We set sail for home where everyone was wiped out and took a three hour nap... Played hard and earned every wink we did!  Tomorrow back to the training...  It was fun to take a day to play in the sun with all the kids.  Every once and awhile you have to get in touch with your inner child...  They still want to come out and play, we just need to learn not to forget to let them, no matter how old we are or what our position in life is.  It is amazing to see life again through your child's eyes... Thank you for that gift, Tristin & Tyler... Happy 7th Birthday Tristin!  XoXo

Cake that Barb made  ( Thank You! )

All the Scurvy Pirates!

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