Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Here it for ...

Myself, Barbara & Troy with our Jugg Huggers
Jugg Huggers!  I know the name may throw you but, read on... I met Troy initially through Facebook, we chatted a bit through private messages and I became very interested in trying out his product, Jugg Huggers.  Troy and his wife Barbara traveled from Florida last weekend to attend, Hogs 4 Hooters.  Let me tell you that they are an incredible couple.  They came up with Jugg Huggers.  It is a really simple device, but it gives you one really good work out.  You can add it to one of your current workout programs or I have linked ( 3 ) different videos below to show you ways to get the most out of your Jugg Hugger.  No more worrying about dropping your kettle bell or a weight on your foot, and you can adjust the weight, by just drinking some of your water!  You will never be dehydrated as it is a constant reminder to drink your water!  Here's a BONUS...  If you travel and want to get in a great workout, now you can and it won't add lots of bulk to your luggage.  It has a nifty zipper pouch so that you can keep your ID, money, keys and Yes, even your smart phone!  I have been using mine now for a little under a week & I love it.  I take it every where with me.  It even has a great grippy ball on it so if you get stuck in traffic, you can squeeze the ball to relieve a bit of your tension.  I copied what they have written on their page to give you their detailed description, I also have included their link so if you would like to order you have a direct link.  They are $19.95 each, with free shipping right now.   You can design your own color scheme or pick from one of their patterns.  As you might have guessed, mine is PINK!  If you do decide to order one, please put in the comment section that you found them through Alpha-Pink-Omega.  Troy and Barbara are willing to help in my efforts to continue to walk in multiple Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure events.

Get the best out of your workout and never go thirsty again! JuggHugger makes a great addition to your exercise routine.

Hand Sewn, Hand stitched and comes in a variety of colors.

" JuggHugger " is a strap made of washable/durable fabric with sewn in STASH POCKETS and squeeze clips for quick connects.

JuggHugger also has stress ball for squeezing while performing many exercises replacing cold, awkward and often dangerous ketelbells and dumbbells.

JuggHugger is machine washable and easily pocket stored. NO MORE PURSE in the Gym, at the Beach, Hiking or just out walking. All while ensuring proper daily hydration.
Buying small bottles of water on impulse can COST several dollars
per day... The "JH" saves thousands of dollars per year..

" JH " is your security blanket with endless benefits! Can be used in group classes as well as part of your personalized workout.

 JuggHugger - "when your palin' with your gallon"

FREE SHIPPING on every order. Limited time only.

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