Monday, August 22, 2011

And Sometimes...

Prayers are answered.  A little while ago I wrote about Raymond Johnson.  He is a 26 year old that is battling breast cancer.  His claim had been denied twice to get health care coverage, because he was a man with breast cancer.  After all of the press that he has received over the last two weeks and the outrage that came from the breast cancer community.  I am pleased to announce that he is now going to received the coverage that he so desperately needed.  This is a victory not only for Raymond, but for all men that are battling breast cancer.  When we say that "Everyone Deserves a Lifetime", it does not mean only women.  Every step we take is a step forward, one that I hope opens up the door to other men that are diagnosed with breast cancer. There are no boundaries with breast cancer, and no one is immune to getting it.  My sincerest hope is that with Raymond getting the coverage he needed and being open about having breast cancer. It will give other men the courage to come out and fight!  We are all in this together, one step at a time and celebrating one victory at a time.                                  

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