Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Listening...

Today we took a trip to listen to the Glassman- they are a Drum Bugle Corps they are out of Toledo, Ohio.  There were also many other groups performing coming from as far away as California.  They were Amazing!  Shortly after we entered the stadium they had a dedication to all the Men and Women that are serving our Country.  We never stop to think of the sacrifices that they make every day, because our life goes on the way that it always does.  I ask you tonight or whenever you end up reading this to STOP.  Take a deep breath and as you exhale say Thank You.  Thank You, to the people who you may have never met, or who you spent your life growing up next to that have given their life so that we may live free.  Every Service Member that is currently serving has written a blank check.  They have unselfishly, dedicated their lives to protect our freedoms that we take for granted far too often.  I just ask you where ever you are or what ever you are doing to take a moment to remember these Hero's that have left us far too soon.  They will never be forgotten or their sacrifices.  Prayers go out to their Family and Friends that struggle to continue on.  I hope as a community we will lift up these families and take care of them as their loved ones took care of us.  Thank you from a Grateful Heart...   XoXo 

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