Monday, August 15, 2011

Living Memorial...

Between last night and early this morning I came up with an idea that I am going to work on & hopefully implement before next year's events.  Currently the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure has walks in 14 places.  Starting off in Boston then on to Cleveland, Chicago, Michigan, Twin Cities, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Dallas/Fort Worth, Arizona and then finishing up in San Diego.  I would like to find hearty pink flowers that are perennials, and that are indigenous to the specific area.  The symbolism behind it would be a flower that would serve as a sign of Hope and Renewal that comes back every year.  They will be Forever be Beautiful & their Love will repeatedly blossom living on.  A living Memorial to Honor, show Respect and Remember each of the Warriors who have so Valiantly battled breast cancer and have lost. Leaving Lasting Beauty for all to see...I hope it will serve as a Beautiful Living Testament to those who Graciously have given, Lovingly shared of themselves and Bravely Fought.  I hope it will bring about Healing, Awareness and Beauty, till we walk there again.  

                     Thinking that it should be named the "Living Legacy Warrior Memorial"...

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  1. Florida Pinks:

    Largeflower Rosegentian - Sabatia grandiflora
    Family - Gentianaceae
    Habitat - Wet prairie, Wet Pineland, margins of freshwater marshes.
    Description - Native annual herb to 3 feet. Linear to filiform leaves 1 1/2 to nearly 4 inches long
    Flower - Bright pink, 1 1/4 - 2 inches across, usually solitary. Marsh Pinks often form small colonies giving the appearance of a multiple flowered single plant.

    Nuttall's Meadowbeauty - Rhexia nuttallii
    Family - Melastomatacae
    Habitat - Marshes, Moist and wet Flatwoods
    Description - Native herbaceous perennial, 4-8 inches tall. Leaves opposite, ovate.
    Flower - Pinkish-purple, 4 petals, 1 inch across.

    Pink Purselane - Portulaca pilosa
    Family - Portulacaceae
    Habitat - Open areas of flatwoods, disturbed sites.
    Description - Native wildflower. Annual or Perennial, Forb, Herb, 1 to 6 inches in height, often prostrate in growth habit. Leaves are fleshy, somewhat succulent in appearance. Usually found on sandy, dry soils.
    Flower - Pink to purplish, 5/8 inch across, blooms throughout the year in South Florida.

    Feay's Prairieclover - Dalea feayi
    Family - Fabaceae
    Habitat - Scrub, Scrubby Flatwoods
    Description - Native Florida herbaceous wildflower, perennial, height 18-24 inches, leaves are linear, opposite. Globose spikes of numerous small pink flowers.

    Lindenleaf Rosemallow - Hibiscus furcellatus
    Family - Malvaceae
    Habitat - Commonly found at edges of wet prairies and freshwater marshes, swamps and other moderately moist sites.
    Description - Native, perennial, may grow as a shrub or herbaceous plant, 6 to 8 feet tall.
    Flower - Pale pink, pale purple with red to purple center, 6 inches wide.

    Salt Marsh Mallow - Kosteletzkya virginica
    Family - Malvaceae
    Habitat - Fresh and salt marshes, low lying moist woodlands primarily in coastal areas.
    Description - Native perennial, may grow as a herbaceous plant or as a small shrub 5 to 6 feet tall. Leaves are cordate to lanceolate with toothed margins, stems and leaves are hairy.
    Flower - Pink hibiscus type flower, just under 3 inches across with 5 petals surrounding a tube consisting of the fused stamens and style.

    Dwarf Sundew - Drosera brevifolia
    Family - Droseraceae
    Habitat - Small carnivorous plant found in wetlands, generally in moist sandy soils at margins of marshes, swamps, wet prairies and pineland depressions.
    Description - Native perennial, forb/herb. Carnivorous plant, 3-4 inches tall.
    Flower - White to pink, rising above plant on stalks.

    Pink Sundew - Drosera capillaris
    Family - Droseraceae
    Habitat - Wetlands, moist sandy soils at margins of marshes, swamps, wet prairies and pineland depressions
    Description - Native perennial, forb/herb. Carnivorous plant, Leaf hairs produce a sticky liquid from glands to trap small insects which the plant digests to supplement the nutrient poor soils in which it grows.
    Flower - White to pink, rising on stalks up to 1 foot in height.

    Largeflower Jointweed - Polygonella robusta
    Family - Polygonaceae
    Habitat - Scrub, Scrubby Flatwoods, moderately moist to dry, well drained sandy soils, endemic to Florida.
    Description - Perennial sub-shrub, Forb, herb, 3 to 4 feet in height. Generally taller than broad, stem leaf elliptic, basal leaf ovate-lanceolate.
    Flower - 17 to 30 white to pale pink tubular disk flowers on a branched inflorescence.

    Powderpuff, Herbaceous Mimosa - Mimosa strigillosa
    Family - Fabaceae
    Habitat - Dry to moist open areas in sandy soils, statewide.
    Description - Native. Perennial, Sub-shrub, Forb, herb. Forms dense mats. 2-10 inches high, flowers with stalk to about 3 inches. Leaves are pinnately compound, sensitive to touch, folding closed when touched.
    Flower - Rose-mauve, pink, 1 inch in diameter on 2-3 inch long stalk.