Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catching up on Day 1&2 of the 3-Day...

At Opening Ceremonies with Judi
This would be Saturday July 30th Post...
I made it through day one ( Friday ).  I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Dr. Sheri Phillips.  She is Amazing and is a Beautiful addition to the 3-Day Family.  Her Energy is nothing less than Infectious, with a Smile that could Light up any room, she is very approachable and easy to talk to.  Like a dear friend that you haven't seen in a while, but it doesn't matter, because you can pick up right where you left off like no time has gone by since your last visit. This is how I was left feeling after first meeting her.  
Leaving Cleveland...
Friday, it rained heavily for a while, then it got muggy.  Had to change shoes twice and my socks 5 times with all the puddles and rain.  Then right before reaching the end of day one, pit 5, I stepped out of the way of another walker, stepped of the curb wrong, tweaking my left knee.  I went into medical at pit 5 had them check it out and ice it.  1.5 miles from camp and I had to be driven in.  Once getting into camp I was checked out by medical there.  Given more ice, ibuprofen and told to rest for the night.  I finally got my picture with the New Balance Sneaker! 
Notes along the way by Cleveland's 3-Day Kid's Crew...
 It's the small things that make me so happy!  Ate a wonderful dinner then got a leg massage, then it was off to the shower to get cleaned up.  I picked up my mail & chocolate coin ( Thank you Sandi! ) I was off to bed.  In the confusion of everything on Friday I lost my digital camera that was in my backpack.  Saturday morning I got up at 3:45 still trying to find my camera to no avail.  Ate a great breakfast, then went and sat at medical to get cleared to walk again.  Getting clearance in the morning, I was out on the course at 6:45.  Felt pretty good walking for a while.  Starting around pit 3 I started to have pain in my right leg.  Went into medical and had my leg iced & taped.  Continued on for a while finally having to concede while trying to walk to a cheering station between pit 4 & 5.  I had a gentleman that offered to walk with me for a while leaving pit four.  We walked all the way to Rocky River together.  In tears he put me on the sweep van to take me to the medical tent at pit 5.  Once again icing my leg and trying to tape it another way to get me back into camp.  I started off slowly out of pit 5 thinking if I just went slower I could make it.  Every step I took I felt the pain.  I kept trying to convince myself that I was only 3 miles away from camp.  One of the staff, Phil from lunch came running by and stopped to talk to me.  He offered to run to camp and get some popsicles and run them back to me.  As hot as it was I told him that it wasn't necessary, although I was touched by the offer.  We talked for a bit then he took off running.  I made it about another 1.5 miles before having to call it a day.  In the first two days I lost 4 miles off the course.  Getting back into camp I went straight to medical.  I spent a little over an hour there getting iced & wrapped only to get the dreaded RED CARD!  
The Dreaded "RED CARD"

Upset, but not giving up hope I ate dinner iced, took a shower and then watched the camp show before going off to bed.  Tara gave a very moving speech and the youth corps came up after she finished.  Each girl giving her reason for wanting to be there to help out.  It was very moving.   I wanted to stay for the dance party but knew that my leg was in no shape to do so.  Ice, medication & off to bed for me to be ready for day three.
The Best Sight when you come "HOME" from Walking in Cleveland.

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