Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pennies from Heaven...

As the rain was pouring out side last night, I could not sleep. I kept having a nagging feeling that would not let me rest till I wrote this down... A few days ago the kids were with me running errands.  We were walking up to the store entrance when we noticed that there were pennies that were scattered everywhere on the ground. It was like it rained pennies from Heaven. We started to pick them up & someone walked by muttering, "their not worth very much". That "simple" phrase kept playing in my head. Which inspired me to write this...

Pennies from Heaven...
Pennies from Heaven they are wishes that come to you.
Pennies from Heaven are scattered all around you.
When we fundraise and tell of why we do what we do,
sometimes we hear... 
Well, there is nothing that I can do.
My response is... 
Do you have a penny? 
Well, what can one penny do?  
It seams like so little but each one carries a dream.
Like the footprints we lay down as we walk alone or in a team.
Each steps counts and so does that penny that you hold.
To some that could be the difference between them growing one day old.
If each penny that get's tossed aside would be put together it would cause a landslide.
Like the walker that thinks they are alone, only has to walk once to know
that no one walks alone.
You see my friend each penny is like a soul...
Some are shiny and new,
others are dull and well worn
many have been cast aside thinking that they are not worth much.
When we gather them together they start to add up, 
as you add one more to the pile they all seem to be worth more.
Each one has a worth, each one carries a dream, each one counts...
So as you find your pennies along the way collect them for this day.
This day, for three days, when we collectively come together to make each wish count.
Until we find a cure...
Remember this...
Your change will bring about a change...


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