Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catching up...

Well, unfortunately, this will cover 3 days worth of posting Tuesday, Wednesday & today.  Sorry, I wanted to catch up but with not really doing too much right now, it makes it hard to come up with a note worthy topic that I think you would want to read.  Basically at this point I am on bed rest till Monday.  I either have a really bad shin splint or a stress fracture.  My right leg is still pretty swollen & walking on it is enough to bring tears.  So, I am following Dr.'s orders and taking it easy.  Have a lovely pair of crutches, if I really feel the need to go any where.  Which I don't.  99 Days till I will be in Arizona doing it all over again with my Sister.  Once I get the go ahead I will start ( Slowly ) training again.   Chad was so moved by the short amount of time that he was around the 3-Day Staff, Crew and Walkers that he signed up to be a member of the Cleveland Crew next year.  

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