Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3 of the 3-Day...

As I left Camp Sunday Morning...
This would be the post for Sunday July 31, 2011.  

As I entered into the last day with great anxiety, as I didn't know if I would be cleared by medical or not.  Luckily, I was given the go ahead.  As I left camp for the last time I didn't know how the day would go.  I just knew that I wanted to finish off strong.  The last day is always emotional for me, especially in Cleveland.  The people that come out along the route, that cheer you on, the stories and all the love that you feel as you take every step.  While every step that you take, brings you that much closer to the end of your journey.  
Just one of the moving sights found along the way.
I walked into and past pit one, then walked into pit two.  Leaving for the first cheering station for the day I was suffering.  I was determined to make it there.  After passing all of the people that came out to cheer us on I had to be put on to a sweep van.  Into the van in tears, I went.  Reaching pit stop three I was iced then taped.  Chad drove up and found me at the medical tent.  I was broken and I knew it.  We both knew it,  ( even thought I didn't want to admit it. )  
Chad getting ready to take off walking...
He knew how much I had trained and that my heart and soul is in this.  He gave me the car keys, took my credentials and pack and started to walk in my place.  He walked into the grab & go, to check it out.  Then continued to lunch where I was at medical again to be checked out by the trainer who did his best to tape me up giving me more support.  I became a "walker stalker" cheering on & playing music from my car as Chad continued to walk to pit stop four. 
Wonderful people coming out to cheer the walkers on.  
When I got to pit stop four we decided that I would park the car there, and we would walk into holding together.  He was a great support, and we took it one step at a time.  The gentleman that had walked with me on Saturday we ran into, he joined us as we walked to holding.  
Almost done!
While waiting for the last walkers to come in Chad got a ride back to the car and met with friends of ours that brought the boys up so that they could come to Closing Ceremonies.  I got the opportunity to walk into Closing Ceremonies with the ladies from Team Nickels for Nipples.  We were all suffering, but we each supported one another as we walked into the ceremonies.  Closing Ceremonies are always moving, but Dr. Sheri Phillips with her personality made you feel the words that she was saying.  It was wonderful.  I didn't want the 3-Day in Cleveland to end, it was bittersweet.  I look forward to doing the 3-Day again, next time in Arizona with my sister by my side.     
Trying to keep my Humor at the end...

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